Monday, December 26, 2011

Unknown Facts About Big 92.7 Fm

Big 92.7 Fm is indeed one of the best radio stations of India, but not many people know that it is owned by Anil Ambani. Don’t tell me you knew that! No issues, I’ve got more stuff!

Broadcasting of this fm channel is in over 45 cities with the investment of 400 crores rupees in transmission equipment, infrastructure and licensing.
They also start giving out their transmission to Singapore from July, 2008. See, it’s turning international now. They broadcast their radio channel daily from 5 to 8 in evening on XFM 96.3, under the banner of ‘Big Bollywood 96.3 FM’. It was first time when an Indian FM channel has been broadcast outside India.

Listen Big 92.7 Fm that has worlds’ best RJ’s working with them. One of the bests is RJ Shekar Basha from Hyderabad, who has created the record of having 10 IRF (International Radio Festival) Awards to his credit, which includes 2 Best Promos, 5 best Breakfast shows and 3 RJ of the year. Well, that sounds quite a deal! He earned all these in the time period of 5 years (2007-2011). Wow!

See, I told you- ‘Radio is back’! What else proof can anyone ask for other than the resume of RJ Shekar, who can be called as ‘the RJ king’. Lucky him!

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